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Hello and welcome!

My name is Daniela Zajec and I am the first and only Certified Mother-Daughter Coach based in Switzerland.
I specialise in the conflict that may exist in the mother-daughter relationship and I work with mothers/daughters individually or as a couple in order to help them communicate, listen to, understand and emotionally connect better with one another. 

So what makes my story a success story?
As a 36 year old woman, I decided to leave my home country England, UK at the age of 30. I have since built a new life in Switzerland with my husband and I have re-established my beauty therapy business called 'Wishing Well Beauté' where I provide a professional service to my clients.
During my client's visits, I am often asked; "Why did I leave England?" and "When will I be returning to visit my family?" but my decision to leave was mainly due to the fact that I experienced many years of conflict within my family leading to estrangement, especially with my mother.

Our relationship left me feeling deeply confused..

Why was my mother like this with me?
Why did I feel that she might be jealous of me?
Did she try
 to ruin aspects of my life?
Why wasn't she like this towards my male sibling?
Why couldn't she support me in ways that other mothers could with
 their daughters?
Why didn't I feel her warmth and affection towards me?
Why did I not feel her love?

These are quite powerful questions, with multiple layers to them, but I needed the answers.

You will determine what success is for you.. but for me.. it was having clarity and reaching true acceptance 
within myself
I needed to understand why my mother behaved in certain ways and how I was going to accept it because I knew that I couldn't transform our relationship alone, we could truly only do that together. I also needed to ensure that our conflict would not be passed down to my future daughter which continues to be a driving force throughout my journey.

So, throughout my journey of discovery, healing and transformation, I have now reached a place where I understand the root cause of our conflict. I am now able to feel empathy for my mother because I recognise that she too has been impacted by her environment and by her generational family. A woman who mothered from a place with limited emotional, practical and financial support, she did the best that she could with the resources available to her at the time.
I have also reached a place where I feel
more at peace within myself and the grief that I feel for the mother I long for is now nurtured rather than suppressed. I have a realisation that my mother may also be grieving for the mother that she longed for too which contributes to my feeling of empathy for her and for myself.

My intention for you is for you to have greater awareness around your mother-daughter conflict so that you can improve or even transform your relationship. I hope that you feel empowered to make a positive change (whatever that looks like for you), and to even become the generational change in your family, either alone or together.

Perhaps you are a mother who is struggling to connect with your daughter or you are feeling confused by her angry outbursts towards you. Perhaps you are asking yourself these questions;

Why is my daughter so angry towards me?
Why does she blame me for everything?
Why can't she just be a
'good' girl?
Why is she behaving like this towards me after everything I've done for her?
Why haven't we got a good relationship like other mothers and daug
hters have?
Why is she being so selfish and not taking on her family responsibilities?

Unresolved conflict within the mother-daughter relationship tends to resurface itself during key stages of the daughter's life, such as; marriage, motherhood, divorce, menopause, retirement or caring for your elderly mother.
Whatever your current or ongoing situation is, The Mother-Daughter Coaching Programme will help you gain more clarity about why you feel the way you do and how to improve your relationship. 

I am very passionate about my work as I believe it to be powerful and essential to the well-being and health of women. Not only do I help improve the relationship of mothers and daughters which helps facilitate powerful generational change in their family but I am also able to help improve the way women show up in their relationships, friendships, careers/workplaces and in society, which can impact and even transform the world we have today. 

Daniela Zajec 

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