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The Mother-Daughter
Coaching Programme

Oceans of grief of unfulfilled dreams, unmet needs and emotional silencing has resulted in this epidemic of
the mother-daughter conflict that we have today.

The Mother-Daughter Coaching Programme is delivered in English and is a combination of transformative coaching skills and a certified framework which will help you.. 
* Understand your story and what has shaped the relationship you have with your mother/daughter
* Gain clarity on generational themes, attachment disruption and behavioural patterns
* Discover how the environment and gender roles have impacted you, your mother and your grandmother
* Raise awareness around how you are showing up by exploring your mindset, beliefs and energy levels 

* Begin/deepen your emotional language within your relationship
* Recognise and better understand maternal jealousy, emotional manipulation and 'pay-back' mentality 
* Raise awareness and challenge mother-blaming and women-shaming
* Claim your voice and unmet needs by voicing what you want, feel, need and deserve
* Challenge limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations and your inner critic voice
* Feel empowered to create small, yet profound, action steps and accountability that support you

* Set healthy boundaries for yourself and for your relationship
* Work towards a mutually supportive relationship

* Become the generational change in your family 

On the programme, you will..
1) Complete your own personal "Mother-daughter history mapping™" which dives into three generations of women in your family and what the emotional reality was/is for each woman
2) Experience the "Stand in her shoes" exercise designed to allow space for you and your mother/daughter to communicate your emotional truth because when we are truly heard and understood, we feel loved.
3) Practice the "Speak what you need" exercise by evaluating your current level of emotional silencing and empower yourself to claim your voice and your needs
4) Receive free resources which will support you in your mother/daughter relationship and on your personal journey of healing and transformation

What is the duration of the programme and what to pay..
The Mother-Daughter Coaching P
rogramme is designed to be completed within 6-8 individual/couple coaching sessions. However, some clients may require more sessions due to the nature of the work and may not necessarily be within the context of the Mother/Daughter relationship. Clients may choose to have coaching sessions individually which are tailored to address certain life topics or by zooming out and taking a more holistic look at your life.
All coaching sessions within/outside the Mother-Daughter Coaching Programme are set at the same price and are not part of any tied-in price package. Not only does this offer you great flexibility but it also allows you to embark on a journey which is tailored to you and to what you need every step of the way. 

60 minute session (Individual)
120 chf
60 minute session (Couple)
150 chf
Extended 15 mins/30 mins
(if all parties agree)
15/30 chf

Please note; This specialised programme is age restrictive, therefore the daughter must be at the minimum age of 16.
If this affects you, please understand that transformation c
an be made when working with the mother individually.

I look forward to working with you!
Daniela Zajec

Some of the diagnostic exercises within this programme have been created by Rosjke Hassledine MSc MBACP (Accredited), who is a renowned expert on the Mother-Daughter relationship. Rosjke Hasseldine is a psychotherapist, lecturer, author, speaker and founder of Mother/Daughter Coaching International LLC. 

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